About the Club

Formed in 1887 and still going strong after all these years, the Petone Club is proud to be a place for all to come and enjoy themselves in a safe and family friendly environment. Whether it’s dining at our Bistro, partaking in a pint of beer or a glass of wine from the Bar, holding a function for 10 – 200 or participating in one of our many adjuncts, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

With a wide range of facilities and activities including live entertainment on Friday and Saturday, pool and snooker tables, dartboards, TAB facilities and 30 gaming machines as well as one of the largest private libraries in the country, we offer a lot of variety to our members, their guests and affiliated club members.

Our adjuncts cover some of the most popular activities in the club scene and often participate in events and tournaments around the country.

Some of the benefits to being a member include member draws and a special gift on your birthday, so if you’re interested in becoming a member then take a look at the Becoming a member section for more information or email Reception for more information.


The Petone Working Men’s Club and Literary Institute was formed in 1887, over 130 years ago and has a long standing history in Petone. Leased in 1887, the Peels building on Jackson Street became the Club’s first premises for a period of three years before the club expanded into the Priests building in 1890. By the time the Combers Property was purchased in 1896 the club had built an impressive membership and had been granted a prestigious Queens Charter.

The Old Club: 1927 - 1977

With an ever expanding membership and demands for a more modern facility the club was demolished in 1927 to make way for a new building on the same site. This new building became commonly known to members as the “Old Club” and served as the main club facilities for 50 years. In 1977 it was decided that the club once again needed a major upgrade.

The Current Club: 1977 - today

On the 6th of August 1977 the doors were opened at Udy Street, the current location of the club. After extensive additions including a new restaurant and games room the Petone Working Men’s Club and Literary Institute now boasts a membership of close to 10,000 and high quality facilities.

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The Executive

The Petone Club is a non-profit organisation run through our Executive Committee, elected biannually and are responsible for all areas of governance.

Bruce Hollow


Kerin Herlihy


Karen Kiely


Jacky Nathu


Tony McKone


Gordon Hays


Chris Church


Steve Bown


Blair Bennett


Neville Kent


Malcolm Larsen


Stu Robb


The Mutual Assistance Fund

Every member of the Petone Club contributes $7.00 to the Mutual Assistance Fund (MAF) as part of their annual club subscription. MAF is the welfare arm of the Club and these funds are available for the welfare and well-being of all Club members.
  • Dale Ansell

  • Margaret Hindmarsh-Ross

  • Jillian Johns

  • Raymond Raffan

  • Michael Collett

  • Dennis Chetham

    LHMRSA - Welfare
  • Peter Gooch

    LHMRSA - Welfare
  • David Weston

    LHMRSA - Welfare

The Lower Hutt Memorial RSA

The Lower Hutt Memorial RSA merged as a section within the club in March 2010.

As part of the Petone Club they have continued to provide quality care and service to their members and guests.

Today both organisations continue to strive to serve their membership and the wider community and continue to reinforce a sense of tradition and family values within the Hutt City.

Visit their website to find out more
The Lower Hutt Memorial RSA

Club Dress Code

Appearance must be clean, neat and tidy at all times. Obscene or offensive clothing will not be tolerated.

The following clothing may not be worn in the club at any time

  • Bare feet
  • Headwear or baseball caps in dining areas
  • Dirty work boots or gumboots
  • Men’s Singlets
  • Bike shorts or swimwear
  • Gang insignia

Management decisions will be final on all matters relating to dress and behaviour