Things to do

Make the most of the Petone Clubs fantastic facilities, events and entertainment. Treat your guests to a game of pool, darts or snooker before heading along to one of our many free events. Adjuncts, charity and featured events will keep you and your guests entertained throughout the year. As a member you can use all of the clubs fantastic facilities listed below and benefit from members pricing and discounts.


Lani and Nate
October 23 | 6:00 pm
October 24 | 6:00 pm
Wayne R Heath
October 30 | 6:00 pm

Weekly Events

Come along and participate in these weekly events


Square Dancing

10:30am - 11:30am
Members Lounge

Ladies Bowls

Members Lounge


Tai Chi

10:30am - 11:30am
Members Lounge

Indoor Bowls

Members Lounge




Card Sharps


Quiz Night

Members Lounge

Balance Class



Line Dancing

10:30am - 11:30am
Members Lounge


Kensington Function Room



Members Lounge



10:30am - 11:30am
Members Lounge


Every week from Tuesday through Sunday the Petone Club has a huge assortment of raffles available to its members and guests. Meat packs, cash raffles and Lotto are some of our regular favourites.

Variety is the spice of life at the raffle desk and the Petone Club has a healthy array of seasonal and large scale raffles to tempt you. Bluff oysters, Easter eggs, signed sport jerseys, large trailer raffles and exotic trips away are all on offer throughout the year at the Petone Club.


With 30 machines available to try your luck on and 4 Jackpots that can go at any time, its well worth a flutter to get your heart racing.

Open from 8:30am to close, the Gaming Lounge offers excitement to all those that partake on its machines.

Our Gaming Attendants are always there to help so please make sure you gamble responsibly.


With a huge assortment of books and magazines the Petone Club prides itself with one of New Zealand’s best and largest private book collections.

The Petone Club has along standing tradition in providing a great library service to its members and guests. The clubs full name, “The Petone Working Men’s Club and Literary Institute” reflects this long standing history.

Books can be taken out during opening hours and returns can be left at any time. If you have any special interests feel free to discuss them with our librarian.

Opening Hours

Tuesday & Thursday
2:30pm - 6:30pm

10:30pm - 1:00pm


What is an adjunct? The simplest way to describe an adjunct is “a club within the club”. Meet up with like-minded members who share your passion for a wide variety of activities. Each adjunct has a committee that helps organise adjunct events and send members away to local and national tournaments / events. There are no limits to the fun you can have joining or forming an adjunct here at the Petone Club. Simply head along to an adjunct event or inquire with the adjuncts committee if you would like to join in the fun.

8 Ball

With access to 6 great pool tables, the 8-Ball adjunct is the place to be to enjoy all of the great games that can be played on a pool table. If you fancy yourself a hotshot why not rack em up and prove your worth.



If you enjoy playing cards then this Adjunct is for you! Whether it’s Euchre, 500 or Cribbage there’s sure to be something to enjoy.

Craft Beer

Enjoy brewing your own crafty brew or do you just enjoy an odd pint of the good old stuff? The Craft Beer adjunct regularly meets to discuss all things craft beer.



For those of you that enjoy a good innings or two, the Cricket Adjunct can put you in touch with other like minded individuals that enjoy a good bat or bowl.


The Dance Adjunct meets upstairs in the Games Room every Wednesday night starting at 7.00pm, and is very popular. Come along and join in the fun.


A thriving section of the Club. The Darts Adjunct play both home and away games and usually play in the Games Room on a Friday night.


Another Adjunct that likes to get its feet wet. Wellington has some of the nicest diving around and we don’t let the chillier water temperatures stop us!


For those of you who are interested in catching the big one! Come and join others who are interested in the same thing and participate in landing your next big catch.


The Golf Adjunct has been in operation for over 25 years and is one of the larger adjuncts of the club in member’s regular participation.

Indoor Bowls

Enjoy this great game with other interested club members. Participate in both friendly and competitive games as a single, pair, triple or four.


If you enjoy singing then this adjunct is for you! The Karaoke Adjunct members love singing and making new friends. New members are always welcome.

Outdoor Bowls

For those of you that enjoy a good game of outdoor bowls, this adjunct allows you to meet and enjoy this great game with other like minded individuals.


The poker adjunct enjoys playing their weekly game on a Thursday night. All members are welcome to come along and learn a thing or two about Texas Hold’em from some of our local pros.


Come along and support your favourite teams with like-minded fans. This group meets in the Club to watch and support local and international teams.



This group is open to all Club Members over the age of 55. It now boasts an excess of 100 members. Trips away, visits from other clubs and a good time had by all.


Probably the oldest adjunct in the club. The Snooker Room is on the first floor and boasts 8 first class tables. The Adjunct also holds or sponsors tournaments for all playing levels.



If you are someone who enjoys tasting wine, chatting with like minded people about wine, and educating yourself on these wines in the market, then the wine adjunct is just what you have been waiting for!