The Petone Club Online Portal

The Petone Club has been working on making things easier for our members to interact with the club and as part of that, we launch our Online Member portal today.

The Online Member Portal will allow Petone Club members to renew their membership, update their details and put money onto their Petone Club cards to use within the club.

In the future we plan on creating more features which will help members get the most out of their membership.

Members can access the portal via our website or by following this link :

To login to the portal please follow these instructions

1. You will use your member number to login

2. Your password will be your birthdate in the following format (mmddyyyy) and your first name

e.g : If my birthday was 14th march 1975 and my first name was Sam my password would be


Please note that if your birth month has a zero in it you will not enter the zero, if you were born in October, November or December then you will use both digits

e.g If my birthday was 15th October 1962 and my first name was Sally then my password would be


Once you have logged in then please reset your password to something that you will remember using the reset password page. (you will need an email attached to your membership account)

3. All membership accounts will need an email attached to their account, this email can be used to reset your password and to receive important emails from the Portal. Please note that this email must be unique to you so if you share your email with another member then you will need to create a new one for yourself.

Once you are logged in, please take the time to check the details we have for you and update them. This will allow us to stay in contact about important club matters.

The Portal will allow you to renew your membership up to 60 days before it is due. When you log into the portal during this time you will be prompted to renew your membership. It really is quite simple.

Using your credit or debit card, you will also be able to put money on your membership card by using the Add Money link. When we receive your request, we will add the money to your card within 48 hours. This will allow you to purchase items at the Bar and Bistro using your membership card.

There will be plenty more features coming so stay tuned and make sure that you log in today and check it out.
If you have any issues then please email reception at if you are having any issues.

Club Dress Code

Appearance must be clean, neat and tidy at all times. Obscene or offensive clothing will not be tolerated.

The following clothing may not be worn in the club at any time

  • Bare feet
  • Headwear or baseball caps in dining areas
  • Dirty work boots or gumboots
  • Men’s Singlets
  • Bike shorts or swimwear
  • Gang insignia

Management decisions will be final on all matters relating to dress and behaviour