Becoming a member

Make the most the Petone Club by becoming a member today. Take advantage of the various adjuncts, membership rates and club discounts while enjoying Wellingtons venue of choice. There are 4 simple steps to becoming a member at the Petone Club.

Step 1 – Fill out the nomination form

Visit our friendly reception staff to pick up your nomination form or skip the queue and download your copy below. You’ll need a proposer and seconder who have been financial members of the Club for at least 24 months.

Step 2 – Pay your nomination fee

There is a one-off nomination fee of $20.00 which is payable with the completed application form. Reception staff will take a photo of you for club records and membership card purposes.

Step 3 – Committee and Member review

Your nomination will then be considered at the next Executive Committee Meeting. After being accepted by the Executive Committee it will be put on the Club’s Notice Board for four (4) weeks for current club members to review.

Step 4 – Attend a new members evening

After the review process you will receive a notice if you have been accepted or not. If you have been accepted you’ll be required to pay a part payment fee to make you fully financial. Membership fees are due annually on your birthday. You will then be invited to a new member’s evening.

New Member’s evenings are held on the second Monday of each month at 6.00pm. Here you will receive your membership card and find out all about the clubs fantastic facilities, activities, upcoming events and all the fantastic benefits you will receive as a member of the Petone Club.